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This is because WN8 cannot capture things like timing, target priority, teamwork or decision making abilities.As with all ratings before it WN7 had some weaknesses and limitations.Now consider what would occur if the the stats of the tier 8 tanks, without considering the Cunningham game, were averaged out. So although the WN7 of the Cunningham game, considered individually, was below 1600, it hugely inflates my stats when included in the calculation!

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So part of the information in WN8 now includes both the tanks a player has chosen, but also the number of games played on an account.

One of the first things a reader will notice is that the scale of WN8 is different than the scale introduced by Efficiency and adopted for WN1-7.

Tier 1-10 problem – because of the two issues above, the tier 1-10 problem arose with WN7.

Precambrian explained this very well in this post, which has some out of date info it, but still captures the problem very well, on a small, understandable scale. What complicates the metric is the fact that it is easier to rack up amazing stats at lower tiers than it is at higher tiers, since at lower tiers, the average skill level of new players is extremely low, and the damage potential of low tier cannons, relative to the small hitpoint pools, allows experienced players to destroy their noob counterparts without any difficulty whatsoever.

, Damage Dealt, Damage Received, Kills, XP, Detected, Capture Points, Defense Points, WN7): If you were to average the individual WN7 values of these games, you would arrive at 2578.

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