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After I had gotten home from my second trip he asked me for more money, when I said no he started saying stuff like "I thought we were friends" and such. Petersburg in the summer but I'm thinking that maybe Kiev is an alternative.

I kept saying no and he said bye, then I blocked him. The plan you are suggesting although is very good must be very time consuming.

Lil Joey made it sounds very easy and it is impossible not to score a hottie. I can offer 3000 or maybe up to 5000 UAH, but there is no way I can offer 30000 UAH. We need to take into considerations their investments, qualification and sometime luck (luck increases with no of trails, 1 time tourist will not have that). Finally I clear state that I can offer to sponsor them without specific amount.

I am not sure I am unlucky or what, I am one of those who cannot score anyone so far. I am just 1 time tourist, I am not willing to spend a month collecting contacts. I had the illusion that Kiev is like a harem of hotties, I was bound to be disappointed. As an exercise, I sent it 30 girls 2 days ago, regardless of my interest, just to see how many reply I will get.

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