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Microsoft definitely got off on the wrong foot with the Xbox One, but there have been definite signs of improvement since the beginning of the year.Barring a major update to the UI and some killer exclusives though, I think I'll be sticking with my PS4 (and Wii U) for the time being.Which next-gen machine would you buy right now: Play Station 4 Why: As it stands, I would probably wait a year to pick up a next-gen console.

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Each article also features each team member's three favorite games for all three systems, along with an explanation as to why. I’m not entirely happy with everything the PS4 has to offer, mind you: The pricing on Play Station Now (for the time being) is absolutely absurd, for example, and this streaming-based service definitely puts people with subpar Internet connections at a disadvantage.

Play Station Plus, on the other hand, is the only console-related thing that rivals Steam in terms of pure savings.

Why I didn't choose its competitors: During the last console generation, I started with an Xbox 360 but pretty much abandoned it entirely once I picked up a Play Station 3.

Microsoft’s history of consumer-unfriendly practices like using their own infernal currency and charging a monthly fee for basic services free on other platforms—those are the reasons I find the Xbox brand unappealing.

Over the last year or so, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been working furiously to establish each of their respective new consoles as the must-have machine for the next generation.

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