dating for 40 and over - Who is boyce avenue dating

We had had a couple of songs on My Space a year prior, but that was really our first moment when we saw the instant interaction between posting a video and the fans online from all over the world viewing it.

After that, we kept posting videos, one after the other, and eventually, it slowly but surely and gradually accumulated to all these insane numbers.” The reason this strategy worked for Boyce Avenue was because they never put their sites on short-term goals, every video was created to have a lasting impact.

“And I remember the first time it hit 1000 views, our minds were just blown!

All of us were sitting around the computer and we were so fascinated – especially since You Tube was still so new at the time – just seeing the comments coming in from people all over the world!

Don’t worry, we’re most likely not talking about you or trying to exclude you. We’re Awesome – You’ll probably never find another people who are so willing to show you their culture, food, traditions, monuments or historical places.

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