Who is benzino dating

Have You Sending “I Left the Door Open for You” Texts Every once and awhile your lady friend likes to hit the club with her girls.

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Imma look out for you brotha no "Thank You's" needed 🙏🏽 maybe you can open up for me when I go on tour too!

Also I'll be speaking at Harvard University, Stanford university and Syracuse University in the next couple of months about Rape Culture, Slut Shaming, Body Positivity and Sex Positivity as well.

I really appreciate all of the extra press you've been giving The Amber Rose Foundation! 🌹 A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on And it keeps going!

Benzino has been deleting his responses but according to Radio.com, the last thing he said was this: "I can’t wait to watch you make a– out of your self at Harvard (which my partner @therealdavemays has a degree at ) you remember him don’t you and Rock the Party was hit record, I heard yours and we won’t talk about that horrible acting you did in your debut movie but this is it Muva no more time for you and your Bs.” We're eagerly awaiting Rose's next reply.

Amber Rose ain't backing down and apologizing for her Slut Walks despite wrong-minded and misogynistic criticism from Benzino.

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