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Some of the most meaningful tweets and messages and letters I’ve gotten from people are really from people who grew up with , it’s not going to be just some wacky kids show. So all that’s going to be there, but I don’t want fans to turn it on and expect — the emphasis and priority is going to be on the kids.

If we just did the continuation of Have you spoken at all with William Russell or Betsy Randle about how they approached playing your parents, and whether that’ll influence at all how you and Danielle approach your roles as parents? Rusty and Betsy were terrific parents on-set and off, and they were always wonderful to me. When I was little, Rusty, who played my father, used to take me to Clippers games after work. It wasn’t just on set — it was also how you treat the kids.

Was there anything in particular that convinced you this was something that you wanted to revisit?

I don’t know that I could reveal that, but there was definitely a series of conversation with the producers and Danielle and just a bunch of things fell into place, and everything just seemed to line up.

She is also known for being the host of Style Network's The Dish.

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