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Recalling Shafilea’s dire warnings about her parents, Melissa reflects: ‘My response to that was naturally to say, “No they won’t, they’re your parents.” But she would insist, “No, honestly, they would kill me.” ‘I thought she was exaggerating because I couldn’t imagine any parents doing anything like that, but clearly I was wrong.

"People are streaming shows or watching them all around the world.

Hopefully we’ll see a globalization of our storytelling." [email protected]: "If this show has shown a light on the prejudices in our societies ...

in which he plays Nasir "Naz" Khan, a Pakistani/Iranian-American college student accused of murdering a young woman, in a show which partly examines the brutal effects of racism within the criminal justice system.

"I want to say it is always strange reaping the rewards of a story based on real world suffering," Ahmed said in his acceptance speech.

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