When do noah and rebecca start dating

Julie tries to reconcile but Matt refuses and quickly begins dating the new cheerleader at school.

Matt's friendship with Smash also begins falling apart.

Crushed by Jason's injury, the town and team pressure Coach Taylor to find a new quarterback, because no one (besides Coach) believes Matt can get the job done.

As Matt continues to work his heart out and impress his teammates, a new quarterback, Ray "Voodoo" Tatum, joins the team and temporarily replaces Matt as the starter.

At first, neither Matt nor his grandmother like Carlotta very much, but soon he welcomes her into their home.

Matt develops feelings for Carlotta and breaks up with his cheerleader girlfriend so he can be with her.

A furious Coach throws Matt into a cold shower and berates him before Matt breaks down asking Coach what is wrong with him that everyone in his life leaves him for something better. D's skills along with town pressure force Coach Taylor to give J. Matt agrees to stay on the team and sit on the bench but tells Coach that he'll hate it just as much as he does.

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