Updating tiger to leopard

or later to access them through the Dropbox desktop application.

Apple’s instructions on how to update your operating system can be found here.

29.3% for Windows and 18.8% i OS) – not only that, but Mac users running older hardware.

updating tiger to leopard-17

All of these share the same files thanks to Dropbox. Dropbox still supports Windows XP and currently supports OS X Tiger.

I also have a 12″ Power Book G4, 17″ i Mac G5, and ancient 500 MHz i Mac G3 that also sync to that Dropbox account. What is going to change on May 18 that Tiger and Leopard will no longer be able to do?

They ask, We have created a new group on Facebook to share our concerns.

If you want Dropbox to keep supporting Tiger and Leopard, please join us and let your voice be heard.

If I need Leopard, where is the best place to get it? I run 10.5.8 on an old single core G5, and it's fine.

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