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From a data-bound server control, such as a Grid View, List View, Details View, or Form View control, you specify the names of the methods to use for selecting, updating, deleting, and creating data.In this tutorial, you will specify a value for the Select Method.This value specifies the name of the method that is used for retrieving data for the Grid View. Second, notice that the Item Type property is set to the Student class that you created earlier.

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Within that method, you provide the logic for retrieving the data.

In the next tutorial, you will set values for Update Method, Delete Method and Insert Method. The downloadable code works with either Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013.

These attributes will be used for data validation in this tutorial.

To simplify the code for this demonstration project, only these properties were marked with data-validation attributes.

In a real project, you would apply validation attributes to all properties that need validated data, such as properties in the Enrollment and Course classes. You will use the tools for Code First Migrations to set up a database based on these classes.

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