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Parasitic twins arise when identical twins fail to separate.

It is unclear why this occurs, but may be due to a restricted blood supply during pregnancy, which leads to the death and partial absorption of one of the twins.

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A six-year-old boy has been hailed a hero after he jumped into a swimming pool to save his twin 21-month-old cousins from drowning.

Branson Lee, from Calhoun, saw toddlers Issac and Kaden Kelley floating in the pool behind the family’s house in Calhoun, Louisiana The twins’ father, a first responder, began CPR and after around thirty seconds, the two twins began to respond.

They run around the room, hopping in and out of their cribs, dangling their feet off the couch talking, before both parents bust up the party and put them back into their beds.

Still, this didn't mean it's over for Andrew and Ryan.

The condition occurs in around one in a million live births.

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