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Artist Jeff Wall came up with the band's name during a discussion of women making conceptual art.

famous not so much for their music, since they released only one single during their brief existence, but because the group launched the careers of two of New York's best known experimental music figures, composer Glenn Branca and producer Wharton Tiers.

Hopefully, the Acute release will help to improve matters all around.

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This experimental music was mostly supported by the New York art world and minimal art music audience. And I was in the process of actually setting up a whole theater situation with a friend of mine named Jeff Lohn. We were painting the place black and, at one point I just couldn't help myself and I decided I just wanted to start a fucking band.

It got to the point where basically we kinda decided that we can, we're on a stage in front of an audience we can basically use. That - that was Theoretical Girls." Theoretical Girls was formed after Branca and Lohn's previous group the Static and performed its first show at the Experimental Intermedia Foundation.

Theoretical Girls played only about 20 shows (three of which took place in Paris). The band was never signed by a record company, but is well regarded as an early leading No Wave group that mixed classical modern ideas of composition with punk rock.

Millie"/"You Got Me"), which had some attention in England where it sold a few thousand copies.

Always confrontational and often funny in an aggressive way, the band's sound consistently displayed the influence of American minimalist composers, ranging from sparse, clattering rhythm pieces that sound like immediate forebears of early 1980s Sonic Youth, to abrasive slabs of art-punk noise music.

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