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Water District 37B, Camas Creek drainage basin, includes all surface water and ground water rights within the Camas Creek drainage of Basin 37, excluding water rights used for domestic and stock water purposes as defined by Idaho Code § 42-111 and 42-1401A(11), and water rights used for in-stream watering of livestock as defined by Idaho Code § 42-113.

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Water District 72A is a subdistrict within Water District 170 and includes the Garden and Challis Creek drainage basins in Custer county.

Water Districts 72B and 72C were combined to form Water District 72A.

The combined district is composed of the Cottonwood Creek drainage basin, the Battle Creek drainage basin, and the Stockton Creek drainage basin. Water District 13T contains land located within townships 8, 9, and 10 South, and ranges 38, 39, 40, and 41 East—all within Caribou County.

It includes water rights from Administrative Basins 13 and 29.

The district boundary as always been limited to the Big Cottonwood Creek drainage.

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