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Thus, whereas in Mark's Gospel we may be only one remove from eyewitnesses, in Matthew's Gospel we are at one remove further still.But the dependence of the book upon documentary sources is so great as to forbid us to look upon it as the work of any immediate disciple of Jesus.

Apart from that, there are clear indications that it is a product of the second or third Christian generation.

The traditional name of Matthew is retained in modern discussion only for convenience. Jewish customs are familiar to everyone (see the discussion of 15:5), the debate about the law is a central question (see the discussion of -20), and the Sabbath is still observed (see the discussion of ).

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The destruction of Jerusalem plays some role; but it was not experienced firsthand, and the exodus of Christians from Jerusalem is perceptible only in the tradition borrowed from Mark, not in Matthew himself. He was certainly in Syrian Antioch, as we know from Galatians 2:1 ff.

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