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Some screenwriters favor a short prologue, a 1-3 page scene that encapsulates the overall flavor of the story, and which could be a flash-forward or flashback.

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The types and mentions of movies that should be in this list to help novice screenwriters should be those who were constantly turned down.

Or directed by directors who weren't already established.

You know exactly what to expect from the next two hours, who’s driving the story (clue: he’s driving the car in the opening shot), and why we’re going to root for him (that disbelieving look on his face as he slams the trunk shut). In order to stand any chance of success at either, that first impression has to be golden. Does it charm and beguile without putting too much out there?

So, when you’ve finished the latest draft of your current screenplay, sit down and look carefully at those first five pages, and imagine that you’re meeting for the first time — as part of a high pressure, ticking clock countdown, onto the next scenario. Or do you want to toss it back in the hope that something better comes along?

Or films that weren't different from any other film. you need to have a great Synopsis and suggest that if the reader isn't captivated within the first 15 pages, then toss it.

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