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Slumped and stupefied in busy town centres, the Spice addicts in these photographs provide graphic proof of the drug's dehumanising effects.One is doubled over, frozen on the pavement with his head drooped and arms hanging limply, while others lie comatose on the ground as commuters and tourists pass by.They can then fall back into a stupor within minutes.

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The latest city to be affected is Lincoln, where Spice users were pictured collapsed and covered in vomit on shop floors and in parks.

One sat in a crumpled heap at the bottom of a public phone box.

First of all, Mildred, I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

Although none of my students have thrown anything at my head, a few years ago one of mine did say he was so bored he was going to set me on fire.

Despite originally being peddled as an alternative to cannabis, the effects of Spice are different and wildly unpredictable.

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