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In text messages previously submitted in the case, White allegedly writes to Carrey concerned that she may have a sexually transmitted disease on February 20.

White wrote to Carrey about finding 'a couple of bumps' and wanting to go get it 'checked' claims the initial complaint, which also includes screenshots of the text messages between the two.

The actor also demanded the court strike allegations he reneged on paying for funeral costs and that he owned a private jet.

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Himself (On filming Anchorman) With Anchorman, the thing I loved the most was that we all understood that something special was coming together while we were shooting, almost to the point where we didn't want to break it up.

White's ex-husband Mark Burton claimed in his initial complaint however that White was tested just before she began dating Carrey, so the STDs could not have come from another man.

When White then told Carrey this fact he 'inexplicably' ended their relationship within hours, according to the complaint.

Jim Carrey shared a rare selfie over the weekend as he sent greetings to his Twitter followers, who replied by saying he looked unrecognizable.

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