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If that location is a version controlled document library, then each version of the complete document would be available for anytime reference! Share Point has this infrastructure built in where certain SP objects raise events that can be handled by custom code.

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Note you have a file so your dll is going to be a signed DLL.

Step 6: Next if you expand the Feature node you’ll see an element called Feature1.

In fact our custom Pages will not be visible to everyone if we don’t actually publish them and the only way to do that is to start the approval workflow. Ten days into development new requirements would come in and the spec would have to be re-visited and re-routed for approval.

Okay fine, workflows are still out of box, what are we doing new in that? Imagine what would happen after a document (like our Functional Spec) is approved? Until the document is approved again it would no longer be in ‘Published’ state.

It gives you two deployment options for your feature, one is Sandboxed and other is Farm deployment.

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