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Thomas Aikens~ The flamboyant owner of Boulder's most expensive home dies a pauper, in 1901~ 10 year old Walter dies in the mountain mines in 1896 and has been here ever since~ Boulder History Museum, The Plaza Hotel and three pampered dogs all in one story~ The Mystery at Macky Auditorium In Denver, learn the history of Emily Griffith and her Opportunity School.

See where police and the National Guard had a standoff in the City Hall Wars. Ghosts of Boulder and Denver Off Season Tours: November 1 - April 5: Tours can be arranged by demand. If you have a few people, we can usually find others for an ad-hoc tour so don't be shy.**Denver and Boulder tour times are the same.

I made a list of what I believe to be the crème de la crème of the ghost stories I’ve heard, and I went and did an investigation at each location and brought back evidence.

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