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If you are not signed up by then you must show up at the event 30 minutes prior to the start time and pay in cash including a late fee.

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In today's fast paced society it can be difficult finding time to meet people on a romantic level. You very well could be single today and have several dates lined up the day after our event with people you already know you have interest.

We offer Atlanta speed dating, Raleigh speed dating, San Diego speed dating, San Francisco speed dating, San Jose speed dating, and Seattle speed dating events.

A collective groan rises as a hundred single Sacramentans realize they didn’t have to choose between televised sports history and the search for true love. Contrary to the advice offered in The Rules, Gosse encourages women to abandon the “play hard to get” strategy and initiate contact with every single man they find attractive.

The disappointed crowd threatens to turn ugly until a woman in the audience holds up a small television and informs everyone that the Kings are ahead. Tons of activities every week.” He holds up a copy of the Bee’s Ticket section and scans the pages. “The average guy out there is scared to death of rejection. All you need to know about men—this one lesson is worth the $20—is that they’re chicken.” The women laugh, while the men stare blankly into their cocktails.

Your initial party results are received within 24 hours!

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