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A Russian 'sex guru' has released a bizarre video of women's bottoms being used as musical instruments.The bizarre clip shows five scantily-clad women dressed as maids lying face down on a hotel bed.Your clicks will help pay to defend the outlet against the Russian businessmen who have sued Buzz Feed for publishing it.

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Self-proclaimed 'guru' Alex Lesley then stands in front of them and slaps them as they raise their bottoms in the air.

According to Lesley, who is also running against Russian president Vladimir Putin in next year's presidential elections, the female body is 'a unique musical instrument'. Let us play now.'At the end of the concert he and the girls applaud each each other and Lesley says: 'Oh, yeah. 'The video has now been shared over 116,000 times with mixed reactions, with many calling the video sexist and derogatory.

Surely you've heard at least one late-night joke about the pee pee tape.

Trump went out of his way to deny that claim specifically.

A 35-page document, published in January, containing numerous unverified and potentially devastating allegations against Donald Trump.

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