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It requires us to take risks, face rejection, and revise our priorities.Which begs the question: Can virtual relationships prepare gamers for real ones? They view their gaming habits as a positive form of escapism that also happens to teach virtues like empathy and tolerance.

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Whatever the plot, the aim is the same: to create an emotional connection.

“When I read their stories, I feel like they are real,” Mook says of her digital suitors.

“These games might help solve issues in your love life, as they make you see and understand new perspectives about love,” says Mook.

“If a female can ask for less by playing a game—like, I don’t need a handsome husband because I get that from a virtual boyfriend,” says Yuna, “it could create a better relationship.”Tempestt Storm, a producer in Chicago, says she uses My Virtual Boyfriend as a stopgap until she finds the real deal.

They fulfill, says Arroyo, “the fantasy of a relationship that cannot occur so easily in real life.”Kitajima agrees, citing a “sadistic but charismatic” archetype popular among women worldwide.

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