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Pacific Standard Time (PST), preceded by several much smaller earthquakes beginning as early as March 16, was the first substantial indication of Mount St. Earthquake activity increased during the following week, gradually at first and then rather dramatically at about noon on March 25.

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He named it in honor of a fellow countryman, Alleyne Fitzherbert, who held the title Baron St.

Helens and who was at the time the British Ambassador to Spain.

Helens, located in southwestern Washington about 50 miles northeast of Portland, Oregon, is one of several lofty volcanic peaks that dominate the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest; the range extends from Mount Garibaldi in British Columbia, Canada, to Lassen Peak in northern California. Helens a composite volcano (or stratovolcano), a term for steepsided, often symmetrical cones constructed of alternating layers of lava flows, ash, and other volcanic debris.

Composite volcanoes tend to erupt explosively and pose considerable danger to nearby life and property.

Such continuous ground vibrations, commonly associated with eruptions at volcanoes in Hawaii, Iceland, Japan, and elsewhere, are interpreted to reflect subsurface movement of fluids, either gas or magma.

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