Petsmart sedating dogs

Pets mart in every state has had the worst reputation in the industry amongst groomers.

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Typically the cat is placed in an acrylic box into which a combination of oxygen and the gas is pumped.

The mixture must be balanced and adjusted for the individual cat.

Petsmart in my opinion needs to pay better, get some professionals in store, and have people apprentice for longer under direct supervision. Good luck to all, I will let you know the outcome of the interview.

When I first started grooming I was thrown into it and I was mobile alone after 2 weeks. I was never trained at any formal training because the owner of the franchise didnt want to pay. In your opinion Pet Smart needs to pay better and apprentice longer but you also know nothing about them. You got thrown into the job by Aussie Pet so you assume that is how Pet Smart is? Forgot to add that before you get to go to the 4 week academy and then take 8 - 12 weeks under the guidance of the salon manager to do your first 100 dogs you also must complete 6 months service as a bather.

Grooming Academy is 4 weeks long (40 hour per week). How much longer do you think the apprenticeship should be? During that time you must demonstrate you can be consistently safe, good in your handling of the pet, and good in your communication with the pet parent.

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