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Stephanie and Robin and I had quite a time coming up with a picture that showed what the Enterprise looked like with planes on its deck. I also sought expert opinion like that of Bob Goldwin, one of my colleagues at the American Enterprise Institute who is deeply knowledgeable about the founding period.I would call him and ask, "Is it okay to say that our Constitution is the oldest written constitution in the world today?Each letter of the alphabet stands for an idea ("S is for Suffrage," "T is for Tolerance") or for an historical figure ("J is for Jefferson, "K is for King").

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Reading this A to Z of America is reading the story -- and the miracle -- of our country.

Lynne Cheney’s most recent book is the New York Times bestseller, We the People: The Story of Our Constitution, illustrated by Greg Harlin.

The Barnes & Noble Review Three cheers for the red, white, and blue! Chock-full of useful information and exuberant pictures, America: A Patriotic Primer paints an exciting and thorough portrait of the U. From A to Z, each letter is given a theme, framed with stylized borders that include historical quotes, bonus facts, and people of interest. The letters E and F, for example, stand for "Equality and Freedom and the Flag that we fly." Focusing on schoolchildren, the spread shows a diverse group of kids and adults raising an American flag in front of their school, with a paragraph about equality and the Pledge of Allegiance alongside.

As if this weren't enough, E's and F's borders are stuffed with information, giving a timeline of important dates in equal-rights history, flag facts, and directions on proper flag folding.

I loved Robin's drawings from the moment I laid eyes on them. She also manages to get a lot of visual information on each page, and I liked that. Robin lives in California, and over the months we were working on the book, we were in almost daily contact by e-mail and fax. A: I talked about this book with so many people that friends started coming up with ideas for it. I wanted to talk about the sacrifices that people have made for freedom.

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