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Stewart says he doesn’t suffer from that insecurity, so he is free to take risks.

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So he kept mum and, no doubt, inwardly glowed in a slightly unearthly, Star Trekky way. “I hammered away at the Royal Shakespeare Company, saying: 'Please cast me? Greg Doran wanted him to play the title role in Anthony and Cleopatra, opposite Harriet Walter.

If further endorsement were needed that his decision to leave Hollywood after 17 years and return to Britain in 2004 had been a success, this was it. But his return to Shakespearean acting had a “calamitous” beginning.

The answer is unequivocally clear: how you live is as important as what you do.

That’s how it has seemed to me all my life.” If Shakespeare made the wrong decision, he believes, it was because he suffered from financial insecurity, having experienced his own father’s bankruptcy.

He is an active member of Amnesty International and a patron of Refuge, which helps victims of domestic violence - an issue which blighted his early life.

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