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Earlier this year, a California court ordered the Watchtower Society to submit a database of the alleged pedophiles among its ranks, but the society has yet to do so.

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"I thought it would be difficult, but it wasn't difficult — it was catastrophic," Poirier said. He said I was mistaken, my memories were wrong, why do I want to do this to him. Based on his alleged victims' testimony, a judicial committee composed of elders expelled Poirier's former piano teacher from the Jehovah's Witnesses.

He appealed, however, twice — meaning Poirier and the other alleged victim were made to confront the man a total of three times. Poirier's alleged abuser soon joined another Jehovah's Witness congregation, despite never having admitted to any wrongdoing or repented for the sin he was accused of committing — conditions set by the Watchtower Society for regaining membership.

Poirier left the Jehovah's Witnesses soon after her ordeal, as did her father.

Benoît Poirier said he's never recovered from seeing his daughter treated the way she was, and he's encouraging others to come forward with their stories.

And he would ask me to touch him," Poirier told Radio-Canada's investigative program, .

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