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We use 3D printing in-house to create parts and components that are not readily available off the shelf, saving resources and time.” “It really depends on the end goal of the product or part one is looking to make,” continues Mc Tavish.

“If you want to mass produce a part and use 3D tech to prove a concept, then several factors must be considered.

After work, I can sit down with a friend and defuse a virtual bomb for fun.

I can train my staff on a dangerous task by having them practice first in a virtual world before real lives and assets are at risk. Right now, the Oculus and other VR stores are in their infancy, like the App Store was in 20.

We have produced parts in dozens of different industries for many companies across the country.

We use 3D technology to quickly assure our customers that a design is robust and worthy of the risk for product development and production.

Now, 3D printers are affordable, they print in a variety of materials, like wood, plastic, and metal; and they are getting faster every year.

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