Nasty chat

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What would you think about someone reasonably close to you telling you loudly in a place full of people that "you are as fat as a fool" because you have gained weight?

When you then tell them that you have gained a bit of weight because your breast cancer has returned, you are then told that you don't have cancer, you just eat far too much and don't take enough exercise.

READ MORE Tracy Culbreath King is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator at the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO).

Tracy also serves as a conflict coach, mediator, and promotes conflict resolution processes through trainings, outreach initiatives, and continuing education for conflict resolution practitioners.

" Rachel, 12, Rochdale, England "I agree with some people, if they were REALLY bothered about people smoking they should just ban smoking." Nicole, 12, Stapleton, England "I think the pictures will put people off smoking, especially younger people because they won't want to look at the horrid images." Charlotte, 11, London, England "My daddy smokes but always outside. " Jessica, 10, Nottingham, England "Well, it would definitely put me off STARTING to smoke and it would make me TRY to stop, but some people cannot.

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