Nail chronology as an aid to dating old buildings

(, American Association for State and Local History, Technical Leaflet 48, 1968.) Nelson's pamphlet describes the nail-making process in detail and gives references for further reading.

Recognizing developments in nail manufacturing methods allows a researcher to determine, in some cases, the earliest possible date for erection of a building.

For the specific barn described in this article, without doubt machine-made nails were used in the original construction, as well as in the addition.

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The subtle changes in nineteenth century manufactured nails which have been documented in a pamphlet by Lee H.

Nelson of the National Park Service form the basis for this article.

These details are obscured by the rust and wear of the building items.

This feature, a buried block of concrete and wood fragments discovered at a depth of 6 inches, indicates the location of one of the village’s buildings.

The longer size was used for securing siding and minor vertical members on the gabled ends. The pentice members and roof boards were also secured with Type 1 nails.

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