Model profile delaware cam

A major research focus for this facility will be investigation of oriented polymer films and fibers and evaluation of such parameters as degree of crystallinity, degree of crystal orientation, crystallite size, and changes in crystal structure as a function of temperature and mechanical stress.

This machine is capable of producing small batches, 15 cm3 of material, and directly molding ASTM-sized test specimens.

This process is ideal for completing studies on thermoplastic nanocomposites and polymer blends.

Model profile delaware cam-47

The system features a 50-megapixel clock that streams 14-bit digital data at up to 126 Hz in full resolution.

The A615 camera is used for process monitoring, automation, and control.

The system provides 0.5-nm z-axis resolution on almost any material with 7-mm depth of field and is ISO 25178 compliant.

The system is used extensively for accurate void and surface topography measurements as well as particle size distribution and crack and fiber filament analysis.

The system enables rapid design, prototyping and evaluation of unique fabric architectures in short runs (~16” width by 3 yards in length) with all the standard high performance inorganic and organic fibers.

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