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He knew the likes of Woodie Guthrie and was part of the New York folk scene in the early 1950s, and later part of the music scene in San Francisco and San Diego. (See, e.g., Fred Gerlach special - Blue Moment Arts, Obit: Fred Gerlach has Died, The Mudcat Cafe, R. Fred Gerlach was also amazingly talented in many other ways.I bought the camera from his son David and also met Fred Gerlach's wife Barbara.Thankfully, Fred Gerlach appears to be fondly remembered by many and his music will live on.

(1959) (Large Image) This is the original Canonflex model introduced in 1959 at the same show the Nikon F and Minolta SR-2 were introduced in the United States.

It had no meter but had an automatic diaphragm and instant return mirror.

Mine was purchased on e Bay on 7-28-06 as part of a lot of cameras for $10 plus $19.80 shipping. The original owner was in the military and recalls buying the camera overseas around that time.

(The other cameras included an Argus A-2, Minolta Hi-Matic AF (good looking but not working), Tower 18B (not working) and a Coronet B light meter.) The Canon EX-Auto is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. It has open aperture match needle metering using Canon FD lenses.

My Canonflex RM was purchased in the San Ysidro area of San Diego on Decmember 27, 2007 for $40 from an ad on Craigslist. It is dusty, has a dent in the top of the pentaprism, and is missing the cover over the exposure meter window. Either the mirror is not instant return or it is broken.

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