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In 1942, Liebling quit his first semester at Brooklyn College to enlist in World War II, serving in the notoriously deadly glider infantry. Ad Reinhardt’s Bauhaus-influenced design classes honed his formal sensibility; documentary photographer Walter Rosenblum opened his eyes to the power of the photographic image.

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“My sympathies have always been with everyday people.

They are the center of my photography,” said Liebling, who revealed the unique value of each individual.

› News › admin › 126 comments › On Easter Sunday in New York City, Jerome Liebling encountered a young boy on the street outside church, dressed in his Sunday best: broken shoe-laces, tattered trousers, a threadbare tweed coat and cap.

Hands buried in his pockets, the child spread his coat open wide, and a click of Liebling’s rolleiflex shutter transformed him into Butterfly Boy — a winged superhero who could soar away from his impoverished world.

His images are suffused with startling intimacy; the gaze of his subjects reflecting struggles yet to be overcome.

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