Marriage and dating customs in guatamala ashley dating website married people

If you harbour romantic fantasies of falling in love with a Mayan – good luck.

They haven’t managed to resist integration for centuries by sleeping with the first white face to come along.

Cross-culture marriages are no different (and often come with their own, unique pros and cons) – I’m thrilled to be able to publish this mini-series about what authors and bloggers in cross-culture marriages learned while trying to be a “Good ____ Wife.” When I was dating my Guatemalan now-husband Billy, our cultural differences seemed relegated to mixed up idioms and mismatched passports.

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I realized she was actually trying to tell me something else about a topic very difficult for her to bring up.

I almost screamed, and I happily reported back to my husband about my new listening superpowers.

On the other hand, when people stop by unannounced, he is thrilled, and I – the good Guatemalan wife – have learned to embrace spontaneous hosting. Now, it’s another story when he suggests that we show up to other people’s houses or parties without an invitation. But most of the time, we find our backgrounds to be a source of joy and laughter as we get to know each other better and raise our multicultural family.

That makes me reach for a paper bag to breathe into. Sarah Quezada lives in Atlanta, Georgia in a talkative, Spanglish household with her Guatemalan husband and two amusing kiddos.

That said, there are a growing number of more liberal-minded young people in Guatemala, and it’s perfectly possible to find yourself a short-term romance.

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