Managing and validating laboratory information systems

The document is intended for use by: laboratory compliance officers, laboratory LIS staff (e.g., LIS coordinator, system administrator), vendors of LIS and associated hardware, IT staff responsible for LIS, and network administrators.

Wayne, AP - The laboratory industry is quickly moving into the era of electronic reports, transmission of information via the Internet, etc., and there is a need to develop guidelines that can provide consistency in the industry.

CLSI is a global, nonprofit, membership-based organization dedicated to developing standards and guidelines for the healthcare and medical testing community.

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Fourth, we will discuss the processes that the LIMS could automate and how to use the LIMS to make them more efficient and effective.

Fifth, we will present the life cycle stages and discuss the documented evidence from concept to roll-out of the system and finally, sixth, the measures necessary to maintain the validated status of an operational LIMS.

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