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This gave Antoine the opportunity to try a straight-forward chat-up line: "My name is Antoine, as you know.

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here are SO many love songs out there: songwriters from Adele to Taylor Swift to Lionel Richie have made their careers off the genre. So, Chiara, Adele’s super popular love ballad “Hello” got me thinking about the other super popular love ballad “Hello” by super popular Lionel Richie: I’ve been alone with you Inside my mind And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips A thousand times I sometimes see you Pass outside my door… (Clay sculptures aside.) But, the later choruses get creepier and I just don’t know if any girl would be cool with it (or have her heart won) if a guy with saying “I love you,” is pretty bold, also presumptuous.

But, not every big ballad gives good advice when it comes to lasting love. (He loves his fantasy of this person, but he couldn’t possibly, yet, love the real person!

"Games" is an anthem for all the scorned daters out there, who have had it up to here with the tired tradition of being played.

Demi has a message for all you game-players out there: Two can play at that.

In a previous experiment, they had shown how romantic songs played as background music in a flower shop encouraged men to spend more money.

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