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Many parents will go to great lengths to carve out time and activities that work for their grown children.

Hard-to-get baseball tickets or dinner reservations, biking, skiing, even training for a marathon, like one gutsy, 64-year-old mother of two agile sons.

If you're wondering about whether to say something, ask yourself if the behavior that's bothering you is serious, dangerous or simply unpleasant.

Listen in on adult chats

Emerging adults need a different kind of closeness than when they were young.

They need emotional support that helps boost, not stifle, their confidence in their own coping skills, and they need parents to bear witness to their increasing capacity to take on responsibilities, even if there are setbacks or mishaps along the way.

Sleeping on it or letting heated emotions cool is also as good a strategy to use with grown children as it is for any couple or close friends.

Maybe you wish that your son's girlfriend had fewer tattoos or that your daughter's boyfriend had a better job.

You may struggle with the want-to-fix-its, but if you jump in too quickly to unravel grown kids' dilemmas, their important problem-solving muscles won't have a chance to develop.

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