Liquidating dividends and tax treatment

Cash can only be paid to shareholders if the company's net assets are positive.The management team at Company A has decided to declare a dividend of .00 per share and has 800,000 shares of common stock outstanding.The eighth Directory of Management Faculty was published by Mc Graw-Hill Inc. The seventh edition of The Guide to Finance Faculty was published by Prentice Hall Inc. The seventh edition of the Guide to of Marketing Faculty was published by Prentice Hall Inc. The Seventh Guide to Economics Faculty was published in December 2006. "Reconstruction of Taxpayer Income by the IRS," The Michigan CPA, Nov. Your Parachute Is Still the Same Color: A Longitudinal Assessment of the Job Market for Academic Accountants; (Tim Fogarty and Donald Saftner); American Accounting Association Annual Meeting; August 3, 2010; abstract published.

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The first Hospitality Directory was published in 2002. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY THIRTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL INSTITUTE ON FEDERAL TAXATION, Nicholas Liakas, editor, 1979, 2 volumes, Matthew Bender & Co., New York; review appeared in OIL AND GAS TAX QUARTERLY, September 1979, pp. FEDERAL INCOME TAX, 1980 EDITION, Edelson, Green and Green, Reston Publishing Company, 1980, review appeared in THE ACCOUNTING REVIEW, October 1980, p. LEXICON OF TAX TERMINOLOGY; Richard Westin; John Wiley & Sons; review appeared in THE ACCOUNTING REVIEW; January 1986; pp. Your Personal Income Tax, Gainesville, Florida; Feb 24, 1976; series of 5-minute radio speeches broadcast on 60 stations throughout Florida Tax Planning for Small Businesses, North Gate Merchants Association; College Station, Texas; Jan.

A contributing author on a two-volume tax text series published by CCH Incorporated-- 5 chapters plus technical editor on the two volumes. Contributing author on A Handbook of Accounting for Natural Resources, by Mc Graw-Hill Book Company--1 chapter. 12, 1977; 1 hour Minimizing Taxes of the Single Parent, Parents's Without Partners; Bryan, Texas; Feb.

Over 150 papers published in professional and academic journals. Reviewed--The Journal of Accountancy, June 1976, p. "Sale or Exchange of Residence--Tax Aspects," The Louisiana Certified Public Accountant, Winter-Spring 1976, pp. "A Graphical Approach to the Maximum Tax," Proceedings of the American Accounting Association Southwest Regional Meeting, 1976, pp. "An Empirical Examination of Annual Report Presentation of the Corporate Income Tax Expense," The Accounting Review, 1976, V. " Southeast American Accounting Association Proceedings, 1976, pp. "Tax Consequences of a Change of Accounting Method Evaluated," (D. Larry Crumbley), Taxation for Accountants (Tax Notes), June 1982, pp. "Tax Benefits on Sale or Exchange of Residence Can be Increased With Planning," (D. "An Analysis of the Makeup of Academic Accounting," (Gregory C.

Sixty-two of the papers appeared as regular articles, 74 papers were regular length articles published in a monthly column in Taxation for Accountants, and 13 papers have been published in proceedings of national and regional meetings. "Employment Seeking Expenses--A Changing Tax Climate," Massachusetts CPA Review, Jan. Larry Crumbley), Taxation for Accountants (Tax Notes), June 1976, pp. "Choosing a Qualified Pension, Profit-Sharing, or Stock-Bonus Plan," (D. "Limited Partnerships are Key to Holding Tax-Shelter Investments," (D. "Fraudulent Tax Returns Can Bring Civil Penalties as Well as Criminal Actions," (D. "Subchapter S Rules for Corporate Income: Pass Through Now and Pay Out Later," (D. Larry Crumbley), Taxation for Accountants (Tax Notes), July 1982, pp. "Tax Effect on Municipal Discount Securities," (Walter J. Yost), Southeastern American Accounting Association Regional Meeting, May 5, 2007, abstract published.

The company balance sheet shows $400,000 in retained earnings and $5,000,000 in paid in capital in excess of par.

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