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Sandra and Courtney got along so well in Heroes vs Villains that Sandra eventually called Courtney "the beans to my rice." And unlike the Panamanian shopkeeper, I don't think she meant it in, you know, a sexual way.

Anyone who knows me and has read the original Funny 115 knows how much I love Sandra.

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What I loved the most about Courtney as a character was that, if you come right down to it, she really wasn't even trying to win Survivor. But when you come right down to it, I don't think that's really what she was going for.

What I think she wanted to do in China was to be able to say she survived a game that was waaaaay over her head physically, and was waaaaaay different than anything else she had ever done in her life, and that she survived it without ever changing what, in somewhat generous terms, she calls her "unique, winsome personality." And so there you go (tm). As we like to say on the Funny 115, Courtney Yates simply doing Courtney Yates things. I mean, Manute Bol was skinny too, and he was the most beloved Sudanese Dinka tribe warrior in NBA history.

Denise was voted out fourth, failing to gather enough sympathy to keep herself in the game, and realizing only later that aligning with Peih-Gee would have been a better move in the long run.

Denise’s falling out with Amanda was one of the things that probably hurt Amanda in the end.

Check out how the editors wanted to introduce them to us. Not bad for a couple of sassy mouthed unathletic chicks who have sat out more athletic competitions in their lives than Professor Stephen Hawking. She is never going to win a Survivor trophy in her life, unless maybe she prints this out and folds it funny and mounts it on a block of wood.

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