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Although Mona initially refused to cooperate with the investigators, she broke down after about four weeks and gave a full confession of her involvement in the murder, The murder caused great shock amongst the Israeli public.

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Mona Awana, later arrested by the Israeli police, stated that on the day of the lynching of two Israeli soldiers in Ramallah in late 2000 by a Palestinian mob, she decided to abduct an Israeli and murder him.

Mona had been present at the Ramallah lynching, and said she was "excited" by what she saw.

After Rahum did not return home from school, his family began looking for him, and found out that he did not go to school that day.

Following further investigation by the Israeli Shin Bet security agency and the Israeli International Crimes Unit, it was revealed that Rahum corresponded with Mona through the Internet and that she pressed Rahum to meet with her in Jerusalem, and that she promised to have intimate relations with him.

An Israeli government spokesman said that the Israeli government was "disappointed" by this decision, and that "instead of promoting peace and reconciliation, the Palestinian leadership seems to be putting extremist murderers up on a pedestal.

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