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In order to pay my bills, I began tutoring kids after school on their homework or for the SAT, a side job I chose because it wouldn’t distract me from becoming the next John Williams.

It was the perfect setup, I was brimming with excitement about music, and things were starting to move—when the weirdest thing happened.

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One day, high school ended, and so did my life as a somewhat normal-acting person. The assignments are big, with a lot of time between deadlines, and since you’re not a child anymore, classes don’t treat you like one—no one forces you to pace anything.

As a Government major, most of my classes involved a couple papers, a midterm, and a final exam over a four-month stretch, which means most of the time, there were no hard deadlines anywhere on the horizon.

I never missed a deadline, but I only did anything the night before it was due.

I was a dire moments, but for the most part, I was just doing everything at the last minute because I knew I could probably still do well that way—so why not.

After he moved, we started talking about maybe going into business together somehow.

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