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Suda was disappointed with the quality of Travis' wrestling techniques, and performed some of them on the animators to demonstrate.

Certain other details of Travis are based on Suda, including the sound of a key ring jingling in his pocket and his love of cats.

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A mysterious, Irish assassin named Henry professes to be Travis' twin brother as well as Sylvia's husband, also explaining that her true identity is that of a con artist who had set up the UAA as a scam and helped Travis exact vengeance on Jeane.

The game ends in the midst of a battle between them.

Travis can purchase three additional beam katanas in the course of No More Heroes from the character Dr.

Naomi: the Tsubaki Mk-I, an improved version of the Blood Berry, the Mk-II, a powerful five-beam weapon, and the Mk-III, created from Thunder Ryu's katana and regarded by Naomi as the ultimate version.

Suda states that No More Heroes 2 will be Travis' last appearance in the series, as his story will be completely finished.

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