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Now I have my dil Facebook me picture of Bert, and I enjoy my sis talking about her dd's new beagle puppie, Maggie. Too late for me to have an indoor dog, as I have no yard, and couldn't possibly walk it and take it out several times a day and clean up its waste.

Today the sun is shining altho it is pretty cool, It was 25 earlier, it is supposed to get up to 55.. Since I have been sleeping so much better (and later) I have to assume it is because of the medicine I take for my neuropathy.

Their lovely red trumpet style flowers make me so happy each day as I view them.

Well, I guess there is no holding back our blustery weather.

I would love another animal to love but just too emotional for when they have to leave us.

Went to 8 dogs and 3 cats and just too much now to take. We have changed our logo so people will know we are not only a writing board, but a weight loss one too.

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