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Then, he said that he wouldn’t mind spending a bit on sexy lingerie for the reporter.

By this time, he had clearly forgotten about the matter of film offers, and was only concentrating on telling the reporter how she should be servicing his clients.

This trick worked, and we got seven of them to rendezvous.

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There are three stages of casting: if you come to me, I will suggest your name to my friend, who will further recommend your name after an audition.

Then, in the second audition, if I know the director, I will push, and tell him that you are suitable for the role.

Description: This is some unusual and sick situation that I personally don't understand :) But here's the story about a girl who was betrayed by her sister and her mom and was fucked by mom's husband.

Bare some flesh to land a meaty role this clandestine arrangement between casting agents and aspiring actors is one of Bollywood’s worst-kept secrets.

Finally, if the director is agreeable, he will help you clear the last audition.” When asked about compromises one should expect, he said, “I am not saying it doesn’t happen. If you are willing to do it, then nobody is going to stop you, because you are a mature person. I have met girls who were ready for it, and I told them that they could go ahead and try their luck.

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