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No need for a power reserve or automatic winding, this baby keeps on ticking for months on end.The Graff Diamonds Hallucination is perfect for the ladies...Tens of thousands of Graff diamonds are cut and polished each year and the best of the best are used to create Graff jewelry. Graff is always looking for the rarest diamond, either in the raw or cut and polished.

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The diamonds are cleverly hand fitted into the invisible platinum setting to create a multicolored bracelet heaving under the weight of its valuable load.

Graff unveiled its line of luxury timepieces in 2009, and now boasts 50 models in 5 collections: Technical, Sport, Evening, Jeweled, and Bespoke.

A simple tongue clasp secures the Graff Diamonds Hallucination around the wrist.

The clasp is hidden once the bracelet is closed and can only be unfastened by placing pressure on a single diamond. Graff unveiled the Hallucination to showcase the company's authority, skill, innovation, and excellence in the diamond industry, from manufacturing to retail.

The incredible worth stems from 110 carats of really rare and really big colored diamonds set into a bracelet of platinum.

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