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Politicians have been warned to be on the look out for fake profiles being created across all different social platforms.

A postal vote is now set to be held to determine the future of same-sex marriage in Australia.

The internet is full of fakery—so much so that Risk IQ has several categories for websites that all begin with the word “fake”: fake tech support, fake software, fake rewards, etc.

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Christensen previously compared same-sex marriage equality to pro-gun laws in America.

The fake dating profiles come after a number of fake Facebook profiles of MPs were created earlier this year.

It also described him as a “Canberra based guy” who is “self-employed”. The office of Broad has reportedly contacted the platform in order to remove the fake profiles.

Broad has campaigned against the same-sex marriage, insisting that the only way it could possibly be passed is through a plebiscite.

So what better place for a bunch of criminals to go undercover then in the suburbs?

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