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The number 3-1-1 is intended in part to divert routine inquiries and non-urgent community concerns from the 9-1-1 number which is reserved for emergency service. Call 3-1-1." 3-1-1 is intended to connect callers to a call center that can be the same as the 9-1-1 call center, but with 3-1-1 calls assigned a secondary priority, answered only when no 9-1-1 calls are waiting.

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The largest 3-1-1 operation in North America operates in Toronto, which was implemented in 2009. The first Canadian 3-1-1 service opened in Calgary, Alberta on .

Historically, the 311 code was used by some telephone companies for testing purposes.

Tanner Industries Inc., a third generation family business, has been acknowledged for product quality and service dating back to 1890.

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This number was also used in the 1985 movie "Once Bitten." It is on the phone in the dating night club that hangs on the wall behind Jim Carey and Lauren Hutton when they first meet.

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