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Seventeen students are presently enrolled in the Introductory course, and after its completion, they will take a course in diagnosis and tech- niques of therapy. N C 27106 LEILA DAVIDSON JOHNSTON is now In Briarcliff Nursing Home, 801 9th Ave. Leila writes that she is being well taken care of and that her brother and his family live nearby. Her youngest daughter, Ellen, spent the summer in New Mexico on an archeology Gig.

A third course will be offered in which students will work in an internship program at the new Center for Special Ed- ucation and in the public school sys- tem. She hopes her fellow classmates of Salem College will drop her a line. Her second daughter, Lynne, is a student at Rhode Island School of Design.

This new Center is an expansion of the Orton Reading Center of Winston-Salem, founded by Mrs. The Orton staff of thera- pists with their equipment and ma- terials moved to the Salem College campus. Orton is here too as consultant and visiting lecturer. Lucia Rooney Karnes of Sa- lem's Psychology- Education Depart- ment is director of the new Center. , josephine Mclaughlin crenshaw, ellen hearn miller, betty black byrd, mary coons akers, hazel watts FLACK, and JOYCE CARPENTER CAL- LOWAY.

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Salem College SALEivl COLLEGE Li BRARY WINSTON -SALEM, N. ■5| Olympic Gold Medalist Returns Home to Salem by Janie Barkman When I was ten years old, if anyone had informed me that I would make it to the Olympic Games one day, I surely would have told them that they were crazy.

In the past, the Directory has been printed every ten years. My coach, George Breen, once told me, soon after the Olympics in Mexico City in 1968 that the real honor of being an Olympian would not hit me until I am married and have kids.

This has always been an arduous and time consuming task requiring about nine months to prepare it for printing. Tliey had restored the exterior of the house, put in wiring, Jieating, air-conditioning and utilities before Salem purchased it. That is very easy to believe, because having been back at Salem now for over five weeks, I feel like I never stayed out a semester to swim last year.

This year we were able to use a computer which reduced the preparation time tremendously. Everyone here at Salem is so genuine- ly friendly that coming back here was like coming back to a second home.

The pro- ject is intended as the base of a long- term program of continuing educa- tion for women at Salem College which will seek to develop some new concepts and goals of lifelong learn- ing for women beyond traditional college age. 27105 EIKO NAKAJIMA writes, "I would like to offer my sincere congratulation to the 200th anniversary of the College. ELLA OGBURN REES's daughter was among the 207 debutantes presented in Raleigh in September. NANCY BEAM PITT wrote her regrets from Rocky Mount, and said that her daughter is a rising sophomore at Salem this year. Daughter Lynn and her husband have a new home in Orlando. MARY FRANCES Mc NEELY was look- ing great, and came even though daugh- ter no. She attended the Alumnae/Admissions workshop on cam- pus in October.

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