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The classic pork, chive, and black vinegar dumplings are head and shoulders above anything in the city, but the changing specials, like little Korean-Italian Pizza bianca—that chewy, dimpled, wood-fired Italian flatbread—may very well be the Goldilocks of grilled cheese delivery vehicles.

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Your imaginary Great Uncle Santino blows into town, slaps you on the shoulder sort of playfully, sort of not, and says stuff about the Democrats we won’t repeat.

Before he drags you to the track, you get this sandwich: a pile of Chop’s house-cured charcuterie, ham, and mortadella in a ticker-tape parade of shredded lettuce, onions, peppers, and tomatoes, nice and tangy. The unofficial national dish of the Philippines gets a fittingly simple presentation at this very casual Foster-Powell family restaurant (and party-platter takeout standby).

She built her rep on butter-crust pies, but baker Kate Mc Millen also constructs towering, sturdy, sienna-hued biscuits that deserve the same love.

At her SE Division Street location, the Biscuit Board comes with two beautiful monsters, plus butter, lemon curd, fruit compote (if blueberry’s on offer, mix it with the lemon), bourbon maple butter, and a chunky honey peanut butter that will have you planning a kitchen heist to score more of it.

Punctual patrons are rewarded with a generous double portion of whatever hearty delight is on offer that day—steaks to roasted chickens, plus veg The hot case inside a drab Northeast minimart hides one of Portland’s most perfect chicken cravings: golden, juicy, salty-sweet wings that deliver a titanic crunch with each bite, so crisp you can nibble ’em down to the tips. Draper Valley birds sizzled in an open fryer rather than a soggy pressure cooker, according to owner Chris Chung, who’s been tinkering with his recipe for more than a decade.

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