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He's currently 29 and has four kids with his wife, Anna — and a fifth on the way., released a pair of short videos to tell the fans.

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So, the facts: has Joy-Anna Duggar been secretly courting for a long period of time, and the relationship kept under wraps, either so the release could be timed as a promo for the third full season of (which premieres in January), to evade embarrassment (after a previous Duggar courtship failed quite publicly), or for Joy’s comfort?

Without a statement from Joy, there’s no certain answer, but we have a lot of hints in the public actions and announcements from the families and network. After the announcement of Joy’s courtship with Austin Forsyth, during the season finale of There, viewers learned that Austin’s parents are the founders of the camp, where Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have attended multiple retreats and even presented marital advice to couples.

That doesn’t definitively place the start of the courtship in the past few months — there isn’t even a certainty that the video was filmed upon the courtship agreement, rather than a re-enactment — but it’s one strong hint.

Of course, Joy’s family and the network haven’t been truly hiding her courtship, so much as just not overtly announcing it — the first video about Joy-Anna’s possible courtship was months ago.

The oldest Duggar got into hot water back in 2015 when it was revealed that he allegedly molested four of his sisters.

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